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Radial Shock Wave Services for Pain Relief

When you are living in constant pain, you will try almost anything just to feel some relief. Most doctors will recommend pain-killers that just dull the brain’s reception of pain for a time instead of treating the source of your physical discomfort. Some will make the call for surgery sooner than might be necessary. With Dr. David W. Nadler & Associates, you can be sure that every option available will be discussed with you in full before choosing an appropriate path to leading a better life.

Through natural means of healing, like physical therapy and soft tissue massage therapy, Dr. Nadler and his team of certified chiropractic care professionals will heal your body and relieve your stress. You will be able to take an active role in pain relief and prevention without relying on drugs or dangerous and invasive surgery. One of the unique treatments offered in his office in Newtown Square, PA office is radial shock wave services.

What is Radial Shock Wave Therapy?

Radial shock wave therapy originated in Europe during the mid-1980s, but it has not become commonly used within practice until recently due to the expensive nature of this technology’s creation. Initially, shock waves were developed for the medical purpose of treating kidney stones, but it was later discovered that there are several applications for health purposes.

A radial shock wave is not an electrical shock like one might imagine, rather it is an energy wave which is produced when an object reaches the speed of sound. A radial shock wave machine transmits high-energy, acoustic waves through the surface of the skin. These low and medium type waves are generated by air compressors and an applicator, which then spreads into the tissue of the affected area of the body.

What are the Benefits of Radial Shock Wave Services?

There are multiple health advantages to radial shock wave services. When radial shock wave therapy is performed, patients can expect a significant reduction in pain. Radial shock wave therapy increases metabolic activity around the treated area, which stimulates the reabsorption of irritated calcium deposits and body’s natural healing process. It causes the disintegration of fibrosis and improves the affected area’s function.

Radial shock wave therapy addresses an assortment of injuries, including tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, chronic back pain, cervical syndrome, frozen shoulder, patellar tendonitis, and lumbar syndrome. It enables patients to regain motion and become active once again.

Pain Treatment in Newtown Square, PA

Those who suffer from chronic pain in Pennsylvania can find alleviation through Dr. David W. Nadler & Associates’ radial shock wave services. Located in Newtown Square, PA, Dr. Nadler also serves patients living in:

  • West Chester, PA
  • King of Prussia, PA
  • Philadelphia, PA

When more conventional types of treatments aren’t as capable of producing satisfying results, you can turn to Dr. David W. Nadler & Associates to properly administer this potent therapy. This kind of remedy is just one of the many services that Dr. Nadler and his staff perform for the West Chester and King of Prussia communities on a daily basis.

New patients will not be disappointed when they come across Dr. Nadler while searching for the best chiropractor and pain treatment doctor in the area. The treatment plans you receive from Dr. Nadler and his team are thorough and focus on providing you with pain relief, rehabilitation, and education on your injury. You will leave with a full understanding of your pain, upcoming treatment, and the technologies used for up-to-date chiropractic care.

If you’re interested in treatment services from Dr. David W. Nadler & Associates, or if you want to know more about radial shock wave therapy, please call us today.

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For more information regarding sports medicine, chiropractic, rehab & myofascial therapy in Pennsylvania, feel free to contact Dr. David W. Nadler & Associates with questions at 1-877-DOC-NECK at your earliest convenience. Dr. Nadler and his staff will inform you on your best path to pain-free living following an initial consultation and patient evaluation.

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