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Game Ready Treatment

Sports Medicine in Newtown Square and King of Prussia, PA

The sun is glaring past the brim of your cap as you stare down the pitcher. You adjust the grip of your hands on the bat and blow out a breath of air slowly as you try to crack your neck. Muscle memory kicks in just as the baseball leaves the pitcher's hand, making direct contact with the bat. It soars to the far left, and you run full speed to first base. Sliding into second base is harder as you stretch and come to a stop. When you finally get up, it leaves your left leg sore, and you aren’t sure if you can play in your team’s next playoff game.

You are running down the sideline and are so close to the end zone you can already hear the crowd moving in tandem as they get up out of their seats in anticipation. Stretching out for the touchdown, you know that punishment in the form of a helmet to the ribs from a defensive back is incoming. You dart in the opposite direction just in time to avoid most of the impact and score, but your ankle is twisted and you know that your back absorbed a good blow.

Skating down the ice, you notice the puck has slid into the corner boards. You can pin the defender up against the glass and allow a teammate to take the puck, or retrieve the puck yourself and have someone crash into you. Both options will leave you hurting. Either way, you know you will wake up in the morning in need of proper care for your sports injury.

Do You Need Game Ready Treatment in King of Prussia, PA?

No matter your situation, Dr. David W. Nadler & Associates will provide the chiropractic treatment and physical therapy in King of Prussia, PA suited to your case that can make you game ready in no time. Dr. Nadler has helped hundreds of athletes recover from their injuries, repair their bodies, and learn how to prevent similar damage in the future. If you deal with chronic back pain, recurring joint pain, or have suffered a new injury due to your athletic pursuits, a chiropractic physician with extensive knowledge and experience in sports medicine can relieve your pain and restore your body.

Dr. Nadler has post-doctorate training and is highly qualified in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of musculoskeletal disorders as it relates to sports injuries. It is always the chiropractor's goal to treat your symptoms, as well as the cause of your pain, and to prevent further athletic injuries. When you come into Dr. David W. Nadler & Associates' office in Newtown Square, PA, you can depend on game ready treatment that will educate you better on how to move and compete without getting hurt again.

What You Can Expect with Dr. Nadler’s Game Ready Treatment:

We will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your mobility, coordination, speed, and biomechanics to determine your strengths and weaknesses. This enables you to better handle the added stress sports places on one's body. If any subsequent injury does occur, we will immediately address your physical discomfort, rehabilitate the injured area, and implement a strengthening program to avoid a reoccurrence.

As an athlete, you know that training and practicing for a sport can be rough in and of itself. Dr. Nadler and his staff provide treatment for your spine, neck, back, shoulders, knees, and ankles to make sure you won't ever have to be placed on the disabled list. Not only has Dr. Nadler treated chronic neck and back pain for residents of King of Prussia, PA, he has also provided game ready care for athletes from a number of professional sports teams, such as the Philadelphia Soul and Philadelphia Wings.

You will not find a better chiropractor to suit your sports needs in the Newtown Square and King of Prussia, PA regions. Dr. Nadler is currently the chiropractor for the Philadelphia Freedoms, and he has previously worked with the US Men’s National Soccer Team (during the 2009 CONCACAF Gold Cup). Dr. Nadler was selected to bring his expertise to the 2003 Women’s World Cup of Soccer, as well as serve as a Sports Medicine Staff Chiropractic Physician at the 2001 X-Games.

If you are ready to receive game ready treatment, call now at 1-877-DOC-NECK to schedule an appointment with Dr. David W. Nadler & Associates.